Teamviewer cannot connect in Linux

If you get the message “not ready please check your connection” but you are sure there are no network configuration problems then you can try these commands:

sudo teamviewer daemon start
sudo teamviewer daemon stop

or these commands:

sudo systemctl start teamviewerd.service
sudo systemctl stop teamviewerd.service

Crysis 2 – Weapon planning

Crysis 2 is one of my favorite games, one with high replay value and lots of action.

Episodes from Semper Fidelis to Terminus are simply awesome! The game would be an indisputable 10/10 if the finale was war oriented with humans clashing with aliens in large scale battles instead of stealth oriented of a single superhuman saving the earth (once again..).

In this page I write my plan, such that lets you swap through most of the weapons of the game while still be able to alternate quickly between stealth, snipe or combat strategies.

In the episodes where more than one combination of weapons is shown, each combination refers to a different checkpoint. The last combination of each episode is selected in a way that give you more options to the next episode.

General Strategy summary:

When fighting with humans the only thing you need as a combination is a Stealth Hammer and a Scarab in Semiautomatic mode. With Stealth hammer you can one shot all humans and remain undetected. With the Scarab you can fight decently against anything in the game apart from heavy units. If you are cornered by aliens you can switch to light shotgun mode. If you want to snipe you can switch to semiautomatic mode. Once you get used to change modes quickly the versatility of the scarab makes it one of the best weapons available.

As a result, until episode 6, Stealth Nova (or Stealth Hammer) with Scarab is imho the most flexible combination valid for all strategies.

Once aliens appear in the game I tend to stop using pistols and replace them to a stronger close range weapon (like Marshall or Jackal). I also use L-TAG a lot because it is fun so I mix my strategies among different episodes (in the first 6 and last 4 i tend to play stealth while from 7 to 12 i tend to play combat style.

Note that before episode 10 and 18 you lose all your weapons so waste their ammo beforehand and don’t make long term plans!

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