Android Developer Nanodegree

Official links:

Direct links to the free seminars:

Level Group Course Length Projects
Beginner Core UI Design   ☆¹ 4 Weeks Birthday Card, Business Info
Beginner Core User Input   ☆¹ 4 Weeks Coffee Ordering App, Score Tracker, Quiz App
Beginner Core Multi-Screen Apps   ☆¹ 8 Weeks Language Learning App, Tour Guide App
Beginner Core Networking   ☆¹ 5 Weeks Book List, News Reader
Beginner Core Data Storage   ☆¹ 8 Weeks Pet Database
Beginner Core UI Components 4 Weeks Build Your Own App
Beginner Core UX Design 6 Weeks Build a User-Targeted App
Intermediate Core App Development Ⅰ   ☆² 10 Weeks Popular Movies, Weather, Build Your Own App
Intermediate Core Material Design   ☆² 4 Weeks Apply Material Design to News Reader
Intermediate Services Sign-In & Profiles 2 Weeks
Intermediate Services Maps 2 Weeks
Intermediate Services Location & Context 2 Weeks
Intermediate Services Analytics 2 Weeks
Intermediate Services Ads 2 Weeks
Intermediate Games Game Design Ⅰ 8 Weeks Breakout Clone
Intermediate Games Game Design Ⅱ 8 Weeks MegaMan Clone
Advanced Core App Development Ⅱ   ☆² 6 Weeks Stock Tracker
Advanced Core Optimizing App Performance 4 Weeks
Advanced Core Firebase 8 Weeks
Advanced Core Gradle   ☆² 6 Weeks Joke Teller
Advanced Core Developing Scalable Apps 8 Weeks
Advanced Platforms Android TV & Google Cast 1 Week
Advanced Platforms Android Wear   ☆² 2 Weeks Create Wear Interface for Weather App
Advanced Platforms Android Auto 1 Week






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