qdpm/softaculous – Internal Server Error

Whoaaa, that was a nasty bug 😮

Use: Debian 8.8 & Apache 2.4 & php 7.0:

  1. Install qdpm via softaculous (or manually, it doesn’t matter)
  2. Navigate to admin page.

and … BOOM: Internal Server Error.

Messages totally misleading. Directory permissions are okay as is the default .htaccess file. Bug is much deeper.


Step 1 – Firstly, if you are using SSL, open the default .htaccess created during the installation and check that the lines required for SSL are uncommented (normally first two lines).

The first step could be redundant, I haven’t checked whether Step 2 is enough, but I would do the 1st step anyway.

Step 2 – Upgrade the buggy script:

2.1 – Open: core/lib/vendor/symfony/lib/response/sfWebResponse.class.php

2.2 – replace “preg_replace” with “preg_replace_callback” (around line 408)

Navigate to admin page, voila 🙂


Here is a sed script that automatically.

sed -i 's|preg_replace|preg_replace_callback|g' core/lib/vendor/symfony/lib/response/sfWebResponse.class.php

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