How to select coffee brewing method

Recommendations by bean origin (source)

Here is a table with recommendations on how to brew beans from every origin.






Sharp, fruity acidity, with a full body and rich fragrance. Notes of berry and citrus. Think tropical.


Pour over, French press or Aeropress


Strong floral, herbal, and citrus notes. Notes of jasmine flower, bergamot and blueberry in the aftertaste. Mild body with pleasant acidity. In general, it will taste either: heavy and winey or almost tea like florally.


Pour over for lighter roasts, Aeropress for medium roasts


A bright cup with floral hints, clean fruit notes and a moderate body. Often labelled with a clean, lingering aftertaste with hints of chocolate and a smoky taste.

Versatile – from light to espresso roast. Light roasts bring out fruity notes; dark roasts bring out cocoa and bitersweet chocolate notes

Pour over or aeropress for lighter roasts; Frenchpress and espresso for darker roasts

Costa Rica

A simple ‘coffee tasting’ bean: clean, softly acidic, mild with clean and crisp taste.

All roasts – very versatile. Try a medium dark roast paired with a milk based coffee

Espresso, or the traditional ‘Chorreador’ method


Moderate acidity, very pleasant bittersweet flavors with a medium body. Hints of chocolate with a toasty and nutty finish

Medium to dark

Great for a long black or milk based espresso drinks


Rich in flavour; a strong caramel sweetness, with a nutty undertone and a silky body. Mellow acidity and very aromatic; floral hints and traces of tropical fruits


Espresso based, french press, Aeropress and some pour over drippers.


Soft, nutty, low acidity, and with a smooth but bittersweet chocolatey taste.


Pour over for lighter roasts, espresso for darker roasts


Clean tasting cup, moderate to strong fruit/floral hints with a striking acidic brightness, and aromatic sweetness. The brightness is the most distincitive characteristic


Espresso – pairs well with milk based brews


Intensely sweet and fruit-toned (brown sugar, dark chocolate, strawberry, hazelnut). Rich acidity with a full, syrupy mouthfeel. The finish is sweet and full of flavour

Light to medium

Pour over or Aeropress


2 main flavour profiles come from sumatra. #1 is a rich, smooth and satisfying flavor (overwhelming for some). #2 (Lintong region) is sweet & earthy with a medium body, low acidity, complex aroma, and a unique cedar and spice flavour.

Light or Dark

Pour over for light roasts, espresso or french press for dark roasts


A rich and full body, vibrant acidity, and smooth finish full of flavours of ripe fruit and dark chocolate

Medium to dark

Auto drip, vietnamese drip or Espresso (without milk) for medium roasted beans; milk based espresso for dark roasted


A low-toned richness with a full, thick and clean body and medium acidity. Characterised by earthy qualities; a spicy or smoky twist


Pour over, French press, Aeropress and automatic drip coffee


A simple yet rich flavour with a complex aroma and taste. Mild and delicate, yet full of pleasant flavours

Light to medium (medium for milk based drinks)

lighter roasts: pour over or siphon pot. Darker roasts or milk based brews: use an espresso or moka pot


Strong, smoky and slightly bitter – great when mixed with condensend milk!

Medium to very dark (vietnamese roast)

Pour over or auto drip for medium roasts; vietnamese phin with condensed milk for dark roasts


​Full body, bright acidity and spicy flavors notes of cardamom, clove, pepper and nutmeg and a little tropical fruit.

Medium to dark

Espresso, french press or moka pot

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