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Crysis 2 – Weapon planning

Crysis 2 is one of my favorite games, one with high replay value and lots of action.

Episodes from Semper Fidelis to Terminus are simply awesome! The game would be an indisputable 10/10 if the finale was war oriented with humans clashing with aliens in large scale battles instead of stealth oriented of a single superhuman saving the earth (once again..).

In this page I write my plan, such that lets you swap through most of the weapons of the game while still be able to alternate quickly between stealth, snipe or combat strategies.

In the episodes where more than one combination of weapons is shown, each combination refers to a different checkpoint. The last combination of each episode is selected in a way that give you more options to the next episode.

General Strategy summary:

When fighting with humans the only thing you need as a combination is a Stealth Hammer and a Scarab in Semiautomatic mode. With Stealth hammer you can one shot all humans and remain undetected. With the Scarab you can fight decently against anything in the game apart from heavy units. If you are cornered by aliens you can switch to light shotgun mode. If you want to snipe you can switch to semiautomatic mode. Once you get used to change modes quickly the versatility of the scarab makes it one of the best weapons available.

As a result, until episode 6, Stealth Nova (or Stealth Hammer) with Scarab is imho the most flexible combination valid for all strategies.

Once aliens appear in the game I tend to stop using pistols and replace them to a stronger close range weapon (like Marshall or Jackal). I also use L-TAG a lot because it is fun so I mix my strategies among different episodes (in the first 6 and last 4 i tend to play stealth while from 7 to 12 i tend to play combat style.

Note that before episode 10 and 18 you lose all your weapons so waste their ammo beforehand and don’t make long term plans!

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Top Single player FPS campaign

My list:

  1. Crysis 2 (FPS, consolitis 60%)
  2. Crysis 1 (FPS, consolitis 0%)
  3. Crysis 3 (FPS, consolitis 40%)
  4. Call of Duty 7 – Modern warfare 2 (interactive movie, consolitis 80%)
  5. Call of Duty 5 – World at war (interactive movie, buggy, consolitis 70%)
  6. Call of Duty 8 – Black Ops 2  (interactive movie, consolitis 80%)
  7. Call of Duty 6 – Black Ops (interactive movie, consolitis 80%)
  8. Call of Duty 4 – Modern warfare 1 (interactive movie, consolitis 80%)
  9. Call of Duty 7 – Modern warfare 3 (interactive movie, consolitis 100%)
  10. Doom 3 (FPS, consolitis 15%)



  1. Battlefield – Bad company 2 (consolitis 100%)

Games to play:

  • titanfall 2

Shadow warrior 2


Dishonored 2:

-Call of Duty 2
-Delta Force Blackhawk Down
-Medal of Honor Airborne
-Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(they really need to remake this game, seriously, it’s so well writen, looks like a movie)
-Medal of Honor 2010
-Medal of Honor Warfighter(couldn’t beat it because of the horrible sensivity)
-Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway


  1. at gamespot

Crysis series – Keyboard configuration

Autohotkey script

A very tiny script to cloak and armor with 1 key press in Crysis 1/warhead:

#IfWinActive ahk_exe Crysis.exe



Crysis 2:

  1. maldo HD
  2. tweakguide



Action Crysis 1 / Warhead Crysis 2 Crysis 3
Movement W A S D W A S D W A S D
Jump Space Space Space
Crouch C C C
Sprint Shift Shift Shift
Prone \ not available not available


Action Crysis 1 Crysis 2 Crysis 3
Shoot Mouse 1 Mouse 1 Mouse 1
Zoom Mouse 2 Mouse 2 Mouse 2
Toggle fire mode Wheel up Wheel up Wheel up
Toggle explosives 3 3 3
Select grenades 4 4 (or double tap 2) 4
Reload Mouse 3 (side 1) Mouse 3 (side 1) Mouse 3 (side 1)
Melee F F F
Toggle Weapon 2 2 2


Action Crysis 1 Crysis 2 Crysis 3
Interface E E E
Armor mode Alt+1* or Z Z Z
Stealth mode Alt+3* or X X X
Visor Q Q Q
Nanovision V V V
Customize Nanosuit tab tab
Customize Weapon Mouse 5 (side 2) Mouse 5 (side 2) Mouse 5 (side 2)


Action Crysis 1 Crysis 2 Crysis 3
Movevement W A S D W A S D W A S D
Handbrake space space space
Primary weapon Mouse 1 Mouse 1 Mouse 1
Secondary weapon Mouse 2 Mouse 2 Mouse 2
Change seat C C C
Horn H H H
Lights L L L


Action Crysis 1 Crysis 2 Crysis 3
Silent kill x fzx x fzx
Silent throw x ezx mouse1 x ezx mouse1
Throw grenade 4 mouse1 2 4 mouse1 2

Doom3 BFG autohotkey configuration

I hate holding shift in order to run.

This is a very simple toggle script.You press capslock to toggle run.

If you quicksave, quickload, or go to back menu it resets the running (and clears capslock). This is because doom-3 itself disables running even if you are holding shift down while quicksaving/loading etc.

#IfWinActive ahk_exe Doom3BFG.exe

    Send {shift down}
    Send {shift up}
    Send {shift up}
    SetCapsLockState, Off   
    Send {shift up}
    SetCapsLockState, Off
    Send {shift up}
    SetCapsLockState, Off

Doom links

The Doom series Wiki

It includes complete walkthroughs for every map of every doom game. It includes story background, history, speedrun paths and instructions for all secrets on all maps. The only drawback is that secrets are explained with text.

This is a great site for Doom 1 and Doom 2 resources. It includes the maps of all episodes with options to display keys, teleports and secrets. Secrets and teleports are displayed visually on the maps.


Useful site with many reviews of the common WADs

You can find pseudo 3d projections of the maps.





I do not include links since they might change in the future, but if you google them you will easily find sites to download them.

  • Smooth Doom – It includes only visual improvements. No gameplay changes
  • Beautiful doom – It includes visual improvements. It also includes new weapons and some minor game play changes but they are mostly optional
  • Knee deep in zdoom – Imho a totally different game, but you can check it out


  • Winter’s fury

There are numerous other mods and WADs. I only include those I like.

Doom 3 in modern computers

In this post I explained in summary what you have to do to run Doom 1 & 2 in your modern PC. Doom 3 is a totally different story.

The reason is that ID released two games named Doom 3 which are considered totaly different by hardcore gamers:

  1. Doom3 (vanilla version). This version was released on 2004 and it is considered an old game. Doom3 vanilla version was designed as a thriller.
  2. Doom3 BFG, released on 2012. Doom 3 BFG was designed as a shoot em up.

I think the most important difference between these is the flashlight. In original Doom 3 you cannot hold a flashlight and a weapon at the same time (doh). Although this is an awkward choice it adds up to the atmosphere of the game (less light = more scary). In Doom 3 BFG on the otherhand, this was “fixed”. Additionally some shadows were removed and wide screen support was added, making the game more brightful and less scary. Whether this is good or bad is up to you to decide.

Another important difference is that Doom3 supports more mods. So you have many options:

  1. Run Doom3 as it was released. Graphics will be old style and you will have to switch between flashlight and other weapons frequently.
  2. Run Doom3 BFG as it was released.Graphics will be slightly better
  3. Run Doom3 with mods:
    1. If you want light then add ducttape. This will add light to some of your weapons. This will not change graphics, but it will make the game easier to play, especially if your room is bright.
    2. If you want better graphics then add AbsoluteHD
    3. If you want a different experience you may try Perfect Doom 3

You can combine mods so the possibilities are endless provided you have the necessary time to spend. The easiest way to configure Doom3 though is to read this thread and download a premade configuration file from that thread. Also read this thread. Alternatively you can watch this video, but from the two threads mentioned you will learn more.

In summary, these are some of the most used mods:

  1. Sikkmod
  2. Wulfen’s high-res texture pack v2.0 (texture improvement)
  3. Monoxead Texture pack (texture improvement)
  4. Trent Reznor’s sound pack (sound improvement, i disagree)
  5. Parallax Occlusion mapping mod
  6. Venom Menu Enhancement Pack


Doom 1 & 2 in modern computers

How to play Doom 1 and Doom 2 to a modern pc?

You need three things:

1st – The WADs

Regardless of your operating system, you need a set of WADs. In summary, WAD stands for “Where is all the data” and is an acronym used by Id software for the extension of files containing the actual game data like sprites, maps, episode organization etc. If you don’t know what is a WAD you can read more at  wikipedia. The original WADs are not free, thus you either have to buy them (e.g. from steam) or download them typically illegally from peer to peer networks.

The original episodes are listed at doomwiki. Many episodes can be stored in single WAD. Additionally, there is a huge list of WADs made by other users available to download. The best of them are separately listed at doomworld where you can also find a complete (and huge) list.

2nd – The engine itself

After you have the WADs, you need to download an engine. There are numerous free engines so you may have to try some of them until you find the one you prefer.

3rd – The add-ons, aka mods (optional)

After you have the engine and the original WADs you can add more addons (mods) to change game play. Add-ons modify the game behavior. They mostly come in pk3 format.

One of the most well known mods is Brutal doom which adds extreme violence to the game. Although its very widespread, i don’t recommend it.

If you want to try a mod out, you don’t have to install it. It’s easier to just go to youtube and watch some videos to check if you like the game play.

How to run all of the above:

The steps are quite easy:

  1. You install the engine. Most engines have installers so there is nothing special to this procedure
  2. You Copy the WADs in the directory where you installed the engine
  3. If you have mods, drag and drop them to the executable of the engine.

Alternatively, instead of the 3rd step, you can manually edit the .ini files of the engine (usually located in the same directory) and define which mods you want to use. But this procedure depends on the engine.


For multiplayer experience check these out:

  1. Zandronum – active and opensource
  2. zdaemon – active
  3. Odamex – active and opensource

I don’t play Doom multiplayer so I can’t recommend any of these.

Single player

Single player engines may include a 3d renderer or not.

Without the 3d renderer the graphics are somewhat worse. If you want a “close as much as possible to the original” experience, including graphics, then you should prefer an engine without 3d rendering support.

With 3d renderers, the graphics seem better. This is the version i prefer. I recommend prboom+ for linux and gzdoom for windows .

Also, in my opinion, its better not to enable cheats or new features like free mouse aim as it ruins the experience (and makes the game much easier) since most of the maps where designed with that in mind.

Here is a tiny list of my recommended engines:

Port Name 3d renderer Linux Windows
prboom prboom no yes yes
prboom+ prboom+ yes yes yes
zdoom zdoom no yes yes
gzdoom gzdoom yes yes yes

What about Doom 3?

Doom 3 is a whole different story that i will explain in a separate note.