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Give your cat liquid medicine, the easy way

Verify that your cat does not health problems that prevent her from consuming milk.

If she is cannot or does not like to drink milk then you can do the same with tuna juice. You should use 100% real fish, packed in water and not oil..

You need:

  1. a plastic cup
  2. white milk / tuna juice
  3. scissors


Step 1: Get a plastic cup:


Step 2: Cut the cup with scissors. Keep the base of the cup with 1cm approx height:


Step 3: Fill the cup with the milk/tuna juice, leave about 2mm empty

Step 4: Pour the medicine inside the cut cup.

Step 5: Stir

Step 6: Give it to the cat!

Done πŸ™‚








Pet nutrition

From catster you have a handy estimation:

For wet food:

  • 3 ounce = 85gr = 125 calories
  • 6 ounce = 170gr = 250 calories

For dry food:

  • 1 cup = 300 calories

Here are some sites with important information on pet diet:

Calculator for calories per 100g of dry food:

Cat nutrition table from animalmedicalcenter:

Best daily calorie calculator site for cats and dogs:

Advices for cat nutrition:

Another calculator