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We assume xampp is at e:\xampp.

  1. Download Xdebug for your version of PHP from the official site.
  2. Copy the dll downloaded to: e:\xampp\php\ext
  3. Edit php.ini and disable output buffering.
  4. Add the code at the end of the page to php.ini (at xampp directory)
  5. Restart apache

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Syntax highlighing in Moodle

The main idea is that we need syntax highlighting to quiz questions.

Here are the requirements:

  1. a plugin that is updated frequently, preferable by more than 1 person.
  2. support for syntax highlighting to as many languages as possible, not only in editing mode within the editor but in the view mode of questions, pages etc.
  3. it has to be free.
  4. it is better that it is accessible from the buttons of the editor so that it is easily accessible from students who want to create quiz content.
  5. it should support moodle 3.3+

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