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Firefox – rounded corners

I don’t know what there guys where thinking, but in my opinion the new square tabs are simply horrible.

Here is a solution to change square tabs to rounded tabs again:

  1. Go to your Firefox browser, type about:profiles in your url bar.
  2. Under the profile that is in use, open the Root Directory folder.
  3. If that folder does not have a chrome folder, create a folder, name it chrome.
  4. In the chrome folder, create a file named userChrome.css
  5. Copy and paste the code that matches your Firefox theme. Dark, Default, Light
  6. Restart Firefox and enjoy some sexy curves




How to upgrade a specific app via apt

Let’s say you want to upgrade firefox via command prompt to version 90 and let’s assume the version you want to upgrade to has been added to the repositories.

You can upgrade firefox via the commands:

sudo apt-get update
suto apt-get install firefox

Indeed, the install parameter will upgrade firefox.