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Coffee links

Learn basics:


Selecting grinding size:




Monitor color calibration

  • Photo Friday — Photo Friday is a simple web page that is designed to help you calibrate the brightness and contrast of your screen. Just adjust the monitor settings until the transition of tones from black to white is clearly distinguishable on the screen.
  • Online Monitor Test — Online Monitor Test is one of the better calibration websites out there. It is lined with a slew of interactive tests to help you adjust your monitor’s screen colors and to see if your monitor can produce smooth gradients. There are also tools for pinpointing damaged pixels and backlight bleeding, rendering the website one of the more robust web-based calibration tools to date.
  • The Lagom LCD Monitor Test Pages — The Lagom LCD Monitor Test Pages are handy, both online and offline. The website not only allows you to adjust various things such as contrast and response time, but it also allows you to download the images as a 120KB zip file, so you can check any monitor in-store that you are thinking about purchasing.

Moodle links

Useful links:

  1. Best practices for quiz questions  🏅

Useful plugins:

  1.  Question types:
    1. All or nothing multiple choice question type
  2. Question behaviours:
    1. Deferred feedback – all or nothing
  3. Filters:
    1. Generico filter 🏅
      1. Generico Atto Icon 🏅
    2. Prettify 🏅
      1. Prettify moodle forum discussion (#1 #2) (direct link)
      2. Prettify themes gallery
  4. Atto editor:
    1. Generico toolbar Icon 🏅
    2. Toggle preview 🏅
    3. Full screen 🏅
    4. More font colors
    5. Cloze editor

Doom links

The Doom series Wiki

It includes complete walkthroughs for every map of every doom game. It includes story background, history, speedrun paths and instructions for all secrets on all maps. The only drawback is that secrets are explained with text.


This is a great site for Doom 1 and Doom 2 resources. It includes the maps of all episodes with options to display keys, teleports and secrets. Secrets and teleports are displayed visually on the maps.


Useful site with many reviews of the common WADs


You can find pseudo 3d projections of the maps.





I do not include links since they might change in the future, but if you google them you will easily find sites to download them.

  • Smooth Doom – It includes only visual improvements. No gameplay changes
  • Beautiful doom – It includes visual improvements. It also includes new weapons and some minor game play changes but they are mostly optional
  • Knee deep in zdoom – Imho a totally different game, but you can check it out


  • Winter’s fury

There are numerous other mods and WADs. I only include those I like.