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Deamazon Ubuntu


  1. At Ubuntu settings
    1. at → Privacy
      1. Clear “Include online results” checkbox
  2. At command prompt:
    1. sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping
    2. sudo apt-get remove unity-scope-video-remote
    3. sudo apt-get remove unity-scope-musicstores
    4. sudo apt-get remove unity-webapps-service
  3. At dconf-editor:
    1. At com → canonical → unity → webapps
      1. remove everything under : allowed-domains
      2. remove everything under : dontask-domains
      3. remove everything under : preauthorized-domains






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The following settings disable default launcher of Unity

Install compiz plugins:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager
sudo apt-get install compiz-plugins

Open compizconfig-settings-manager

Click switcher:

  1. disable alt tab key binding
  2. disable shit alt tab key binding

Click Window management:

  1. Enable “Static Application Switcher”
  2. resolve conflicts
  3. set all anyway
  4. Click switcher
    1. set alt-tab to next window (all windows)
    2. set shift-alt-tab to previous window (all windows)

Unity tweak tools

The following settings are my personal favorites.

The settings are not risky.

Generally transparency is disabled, menu bar (launcher) is placed at the bottom of the screen and mouse features are disabled (like snapping, hot corners etc) since i dont use the mouse.

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

Do the following configurations:

  1. at Unity->Launcher menu:
    1. disable autohide
    2. disable transparency
    3. disable “Show Desktop Icon”
    4. set position to “bottom”
  2. at Unity->Search:
    1. disable blur
    2. disable “show more suggestions”
  3. at Unity->Panel:
    1. disable transparency
    2. select “Show my name”
  4. at Unity->Switcher:
    1. clear “Display Show Desktop icon”
  5. at Unity->Web Apps:
    1. clear all “Preauthorized domains”
  6. at Window Manager->General:
    1. disable zoom
    2. disable window animations
    3. set d as Show desktop shortcut
  7. at Window Manager->Window snapping:
    1. disable window snapping
  8. at Window Manager->Hotcorners:
    1. disable hotcorners
  9. at Appearance->Cursor:
    1. Set cursor to Dmz-black
  10. at System->Scrolling:
    1. Disable overlay