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Windows 10 registry files

Here is a list of configuration (registry) files for basic Windows 10 configuration:

Very useful:

  1. Disable “Windows Error Reporting”  (download)

Audio staggering in Windows 10

Before upgrading to Windows 10, check if there are drivers written for your hardware specifically for Windows 10. You should definitely check that drivers exists for your network card and your audio card.

One reason is that Windows 10 suffer from the same (and important) problem Windows 8 suffer: High DPC (deferred procedure call) latency. If the drivers do not work properly you may have high DPC latency, which may result to audio staggering, lag, clicks, drop outs even if your CPU does not reach 100%. This means that there is a high chance you won’t be able to playback movies flawlessly while using the network card! What a break dealer!!! Continue reading Audio staggering in Windows 10

Eliminate”Get Windows 10″ message

To disable the “Get Windows 10” icon and all relevant software on a Windows 7 OS you can download the GWX control panel

You can also try never10, but I have found GWX control panel to work better.

There is also an official patch here