Windows 7 registry files

Here is a list of configuration (registry) files for basic Windows 7 configuration:

Very useful:

  1. Enable Universal real time clock (download)
  2. Add “Empty recycle bin” to right click context menu   (download)
  3. Disable aero warning   (download)
  4. Add user passwords form to control panel (download)
  5. Configure dir command (at command prompt) (download)
  6. Configure Terminal prompt (download)
  7. Disable Media Autorun (download)
  8. Enable Unicode typing (download)
  9. Add “Open With” to files and folders (download)
  10. Increase balloon time (download)
  11. Remove “links” folder from favorites (download)
  12. Enable “Show hidden files” (download)

Less important:

  1. Disable app focus stealing (download)
  2. Lock homepage (download)
  3. Unlock homepage (download)